Jet Fuel Coffee Bar

What better way to take to re-energize after a long day of work or shopping. Our locations have a warm inviting coffee bar right inside for you to enjoy. Sit back relax, and enjoy some of the most amazing coffee drinks in the area hand made for you by our trained baristas.


Expertly Crafted Brews

Our baristas love what they do and they show that with every drink they create. We offer your basic morning cup of joe and offer specially crafted coffee drinks that you will be dying to get more of. Locally sourced fresh coffee beans make all the difference in the taste and quality of the coffee we serve here at Jet Foods.


Great Coffee, Greater Environment

Our coffee bar provides a great environment for you to sit back, relax and re-energize. Get some work done or browse the web. Whether you want to sip on a drink while you watch your favorite TV show or send some work emails, our Free Wi-Fi and cozy amenities will help you get it done.


Take Some Home

If you love one of our drinks, we can help you replicate it on your own at home! Pick up a bag of our local seasonal beans and follow our recipe guides to create that same taste you love from our Jet Fuel coffee bar in the comfort of your own home.