Our delicious warm bakery is a great place to get fresh soft bread and bakery items. We work with local bakers and provide fresh bakery products each and every morning.


Fresh Baked Bread

Not only can you grab delicious pastry options, but our fresh cut, fresh baked bread options are excellent choices to have with you at the dinner table. We offer a variety of breads like french, italian, bolio rolls, terarlo rolls, and croissants.


Quality And Taste

Decades of experience are hard at work everyday in our bakery creating delicious works of art ready for you to take home. We work on a strict principle of quality of quantity. Our pastry chefs taste test all of our products before we sell it to make sure we are only selling the items that meet our high standards. 


Incredible Fresh Baked Pastry Options

Like our bakery’s bread, our pastry items are ready for you every morning.  Enjoy some pastry options as a morning or mid day snack. Come say good morning and grab something to eat. Whether it’s a warm and fluffy muffin or something else like a shortcake, cookie or specialty item we offer the best pastry options in town.